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SMARTGEO AIRPORTS is a geographic information system (GIS) that provides the ability to visualize your airport assets and the surrounding environment, including runways, taxiways, aprons, service roads, the interior of passengers terminals and cargo terminals, the buried infrastructure, and everything that makes up the day to day of an airport.

All of this is available to help you during any of the lifecycle stages of your airport, from planning and designing to repairing and upgrading, passing through the environmental management, the construction management, the airport operations, the security and safety management, and the assets maintenance and management.

Empower your maintenance teams

With mobile access to all assets right in the field


Indoor maintenance.


Runways, Taxiways, Aprons, Service roads

Improve your work

With dedicated apps for every task

Cable management screenshot

Cable management

Manage all your underground cable infrastructure using the most compreensive cable tool ever. Never again will your teams need to spend time looking for a "missing" manhole in the field.

Noise level maps screenshot

Noise level maps

Allow pre-generated noise maps to be uploaded to the website so that they can be viewed and printed in context, framed by other geographic data, such as airport runways, adjacent buildings and administrative boundaries.

Grass management screenshot

Grass management

Agile tool that allows the technicians responsible for the cutting of grass, cleaning and removal of debris, application of herbicides and insecticides and others, to plan, analyze, manage and supervise the set of tasks in their charge, all using maps as a powerful visual aid.

Architecture plants representation screenshot

Architecture plants representation

Load architecture plants in standard formats, and visualize them in context, by building and by floor, alongside all other assets and geographical information.

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